Asesores en Sistemas Computarizados

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Best Practices

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IT Tasks

System management and monitoring of routine tasks. Useful to the company to ensure its continued operation. 

Set in a practical and simple activities to be performed by each position of the organization, how and when. As assessed by measuring the performance of IT department employees, can be extended to other company departments: Accounting, Maintenance, etc.

IT Response

Help Desk  system that  caters to practically the requirements of different users,  generates statistics that  provide insight into  the level of  service the department, identify actions to minimize problems in the use of IT services, thereby raising the quality of service and supporting the process defined to meet the requirements of users.

IT Project

A system that allows a practical way to control IT project portfolio of the company in compliance and budget.

Ensures  compliance  with the  procedure  established  for the management of the project through status by passing a project status series supporting the work methodology established by the company.

IT Management

A system that allows a practical way to manage applications that make up the ERP system model implemented in the company.  Focuses on an application each of the settings made in the ERP model of the company.   Ensuring model documentation and the availability of a flexible query.